A picture of Rodrigo Aguilera's faceI'm Rodrigo Aguilera (aka @marinero). I'm a software developer based in Madrid specialized in PHP applications, servers, Drupal and generally anything related with the back-end.

I'm involved in many free software communities (mainly Drupal). I develop websites. I love to learn while working on them and to share the knowledge by giving talks at conferences or local communities.

I have been meddling with computers since I was a teenager and I took an interest in web development since 2006.

I believe in a decentralized internet so I enjoy running the services that I use the most from my own servers or computers.

During the years I learned that working on a team, the most effective and enjoyable way of organizing is to follow the agile principles and try to get SCRUM to fit your needs. When working alone or just planning my own life I like to be inspired by the Getting Things Done methodology.

In 2019 I started Upstreamable as a way to aggregate my open source contributions and projects in a way that is more welcoming for other individuals to join.

When I'm not at the computer I like to ride my bicycle around the city and join cycling advocacy groups. I also enjoy a good live concert or music festival.

You can view my Résumé for more information and if you like what you read please get in touch.