Picture of Rodrigo Aguilera's faceI am a Drupal architect and backend developer from Spain living in Madrid. 

I have more than 10 years of experience and I am interested in all the modernizing efforts that are happening around the PHP language such as composer, real browser testing, automation, etc.

I enjoy dealing with new technologies that improve the programming experience such as Docker for virtualizing environments.

I also acquired an interest for development quality process around subjects as code review and agile methodologies.

My contact form is open for conversations.


  • Involved in free software: I attend conferences and collaborate with the community to push Drupal and other free software tools further. Because of this I know many tools and solutions that exist to approach different problems. I also like to include free software in my daily workflow by sharing generic solutions so other individuals can improve them further and as a community we don't have to face the same roadblock twice.
  • Exchange of ideas: I listen and communicate clearly technical issues to people in different roles and different backgrounds on technology.
  • Wide range of web development fields: I can go from the estimation and design of an application to coding it, automate the testing, planing the releases, provision the servers to run it, deploy it, monitor its health, maintain it and diagnose problems in many components such as the database, caching layer or configuration of the server.
  • Remote-ready: I believe that distributed companies are the best way to take advantage of all the talent around the world and I am prepared for by following a certain discipline and some methodologies.




Web strategist


Web developer specialized in Drupal backend.

I also got involved in Worpress site and plugins development.

Lead Drupal developer


Consulting agency focused on Drupal and web technologies. Developing custom digital experiences.
Positive results are achieved using agile methodologies and following the successful patterns and technologies for the industry.

My main areas:
Taking technical decisions about the architecture of the sites/apps.
Design the workflow for the developers.
Defining a common set of tools for the development environments.
Integrating APIs to retrieve information.
Migrating data from old systems to Drupal.
Deployment strategies.

Ymbra works as a distributed team with a successful strategy for remote work.

Web developer


Multimedia agency that develops sites, campaigns and e-commerce shops for many brands.

Junior Java developer


Located in Madrid.

Involved in developing banking applications for stock brokers.


Computer science degree

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

A computer science degree develops the skills and knowledge required to design, develop, test, and produce computers and their subsystems.

Advanced Technical Degree on application development

IES Clara del rey

Some of the subjects from the degree

Computer systems.
Markup languages and information management systems.
Development Environments.
Client side web development
Server side web development
Web application deployment.
Web interface design.
Web application development project
Training and career counseling.
Business and Entrepreneurship.
Education in work centers.


  • Spanish is my native language.
  • English is the language that I use the most in my work environment and an my household.
  • Catalan. I learned it while studying and living in Barcelona.
  • Romanian is the language I am currently learning because is the native language of many members of my family

Skills and technologies

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Drupal
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Mysql/MariaDB
  • Linux
  • System administration
  • Docker
  • Git
  • Composer
  • Ansible
  • Agile (specially Scrum)
  • Free software ecosystems